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How to identify session originator in flow data





Identifying session originator in Monitoring Center - Analysis. 


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: 12.x and lower

Platform: HW, Virtual

Question/Problem Description:

Each communication session is divided into two single flows. I want to identify which IP started the communication.

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Resolution: There are multiple options for how to achieve that:
  • Flow start time. A lower start time means that the source IP started the communication.
  • TCP flags - flags such as SYN or RST can guide you who started the session.
  • Port numbers - a port number higher than 1024 is usually a client which started the session.
  • Based on network knowledge you can use also other flow information such as VLANs, input/output interface, and direction (ingress/egress). 
Notes: The direction field is available only in flow data created by routers/switches.

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