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Certificate replacement





How to replace the certificate on your LoadMaster


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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Question/Problem Description:

Received a certificate from Digicert only one .crt file, do we need to import an intermediate file or just install the SSL cert? New to this and would greatly appreciate some words of wisdom.

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Cause: The certificate expired.
  • To replace the certificate, navigate to Certificates & Security > SSL Certificates. From here, either click Import Certificate or Replace Certificate. Note, clicking Import Certificate will give you the option to roll back later.
  • Once an option is selected, choose your PEM or PFX Certificate File. If you have a PEM Certificate File, please be sure to select your KEY file. If you have a PFX file, be sure to insert your Passphrase. If the Import Certificate option was selected, provide a friendly name in the form of your Certificate Identifier. Note, this can't include the space character.
  • Once imported, you'll be back on the Certificates & Security > SSL Certificates screen. Remove the old certificate from your desired VS(s) and apply the new one to the same VS.
  • The swap can also occur simultaneously on a per-VS basis. To do this, navigate to Virtual Services > View/Modify Services > modify your desired VS > SSL Properties > remove the old certificate and apply the new one, then click Set Certificate.

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