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How to implement Persistence for AirWatch Cloud Messaging





How to implement Persistence for AirWatch Cloud Messaging


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: AirWatch Cloud Messaging

Question/Problem Description:

How to replicate CARPHASH persistence for F5?

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Cause: The LoadMaster doesn't have access to the CARPHASH Persistence Mode, as other platforms do.
  • Server Cookie Persistence needs to be set for the appropriate cookie set by the server.  Set this within your Virtual Service configuration in the "Standard Options" Section
  • The LoadMaster also needs System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > L7 Configuration > Always Check Persist set to "Yes - Accept Changes". Changing this field will require a reboot of the LoadMaster.
  • The option 'Always Check Persist' would be used for example in a scenario when using cookie based persistence but the cookie value changes mid request
  • If the option is set to yes -accept changes, persistence is checked at the initial connection and each request.  If the persistence value changes during a request, update the persistence table to show this.

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