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Methods of renewing SSL certificate





Methods of replacing an expiring SSL certificate, and assigning the new certificate to the desired virtual services.


Product: LoadMaster

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Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

SSL certificate is expiring in a few days. How can I import the new certificate for use on my virtual services? 

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Cause: SSL certificate is going to expire, and needs to be replaced.
  • Once you have an SSL cert signed by your CA, you can either choose to replace the current cert, or simply import the certificate and apply it in tandem with the current certificate.
  • If you choose replace certificate, this will overwrite the current certificate, and delete it from the loadmaster.
  • If you choose to instead import the new certificate, this will add the certificate to the loadmaster without deleting the old one. You can then assign it to the desired virtual services. Once the old certificate expires, the loadmaster will know to switch to the most up to date one automatically. After which, you can just un-assign the old certificate from your virtual services and delete it.

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Dilson Goncalves

Dear Sirs,
Good morning, I hereby request your urgent support, as this is a production problem with a direct impact on our customers.
We are unable to import or renew ssl certificates within the platform.
Note: If you can allocate a technician with Portuguese language skills, we would be very grateful (to facilitate interaction with the technical team of the bank).
This problem is directly affecting Internet banking.

The error we get when doing the process is this 
"Certificate Identifier has been Deleted"