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Migrate management interface





Wanted to migrate the management interface to something other than eth0


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any


Question/Problem Description:

Have eth0 configured as the management interface.  Want to move the management to a different interface.

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Cause: Move management interface
  • Before making changes to interface settings on a LoadMaster, Kemp recommends having console access, in addition to local access, for each network. This provides access if you need to revert any changes.
  • From the shared IP address, go to Certificates & Security > Remote Access.
  • Enable the Allow Multi Interface Access check box.
  • Before migrating the default gateway from eth0 to another interface, enable alternate gateway support: System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > Network Options > Enable Alternate GW support
  • Then, navigate to System Configuration > Network Setup > eth(New). On each of your active interfaces, you must enable the Allow Administrative WUI Access check box.  
  • Navigate to System Configuration > Network Setup > Interfaces > eth(New).  Set the Interface Address, prefix, HA Shared IP address and HA Partner IP address. Ensure that Use for HA checks and Allow Administrative WUI Access are enabled after moving the IP addresses. Test that you can reach the WUI.
  • Navigate to Certificates & Security > Remote Access. Change the Allow Web Administrative Access from eth0 to the new interface. Click OK when promoted with the warning.  You must set the admin gateway and click Set Administrative Access before you can continue.
  • You can now remove the IP configuration and Use For HA checks from eth0 and migrate the Interface Address, prefix, HA Shared IP address and HA Partner IP address over to eth2. Enable the Use for HA checks and Allow Administrative WUI Access options.  Click Use for Default Gateway enter and confirm the gateway address.


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