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HA pair unable to communicate





The two nodes within the HA pair are not able to detect one another.  The status squares indicate each both units display that they are the active node and the other unit is undetectable.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: VMware

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description: 

I noticed when I logged in this morning that one LM in my HA pair is showing a red x and says it is not operational, although I can log into to both appliances just fine, and they both have active connections through them.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: Both units log the following:  
[WARNING] Interface eth0 taken up
[CRITICAL] Partner has failed, becoming MASTER
ucarp: [WARNING] Spawning [/etc/ha.d/up up]
HA state changed: now master.
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Within VMware, MAC address changes and Forged Transmits were set to Reject
  • MAC Address Changes and Forged Transmits need to be set to Accept to resolve Master/Master issues
  • The MAC Address Changes should be set to Accept since the MAC address needs to be associated to an HA IP address.  This setting allows for the MAC address to be spoofed creating a floating MAC address, which will be associated to the floating (Shared) IP between the two units.  If no address can be assigned to the shared IP, the units will not be able to communicate.
  • Forged Transmit must also be set to Accept in an HA Pair.  The Forged transmits option affects traffic that is transmitted from a virtual machine.  When this option is set to Accept, ESXi does not compare source and effective MAC addresses.  When this option’s value is Reject, the LoadMaster is prevented from sending traffic as it appears to come from nodes on the network other than the LoadMaster.
  • When both of these are set to accept, the HA Pair should immediately come up without having to reboot.

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