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Failing health checks - Timeout waiting for connection





Real Server is failing health checks, found the entry to support this in the log files, trying to understand exactly what it means.  


Product: LoadMaster

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Question/Problem Description:

What does "Timeout waiting for connection" mean?

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Error Message: Failing health checks - Timeout waiting for connection
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  • This message appears in your logs when a TCP-based health check is in use.
  • You can view the logs by going to: System Configuration > Logging Options > System Log Files >The system message file and warning message file will both show entries for when a Real Server fails it's health check
  • This indicates that the TCP connection is unable to form between the LoadMaster and the server.
  • Environmental investigation is needed.
  • Typical problems include network congestion or a static route on the server.
  • Could be helpful to take a packet capture and verify the LoadMaster is getting responses from the Server to see if anything is blocking or filtering the packets

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