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How to license your LoadMaster





How to license a LoadMaster


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

A license was purchased, but the LoadMaster doesn't show it as updated.

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After purchasing a license, the LoadMaster's license needs to be manually updated.


If the LoadMaster has an HTTPS/443 connection to the internet:
1) Access LoadMaster Web Interface.
2) Navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.
3) Select Online Licensing and enter your KEMP ID and Password.

4) Press Update License.


If the LoadMaster does not have internet access via HTTPS/443 you can perform the Offline Method:
1) Navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.
2) Select Offline and click the Get License hyperlink.
3) Enter your KEMP ID and Password, and leave the Order ID blank unless you are initially applying a permanent license.
4) Upon completion the license will be emailed to you and presented to you on the screen.
5) Copy and Paste the License blob into the License box.
6) Press Update License.


If you don't have a KEMP ID you can register here.


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