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NPM metrics are not visible in the Analysis





Description of usual causes of missing NPM metrics.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: 12.x and lower

Platform: HW, Virtual

Question/Problem Description:

I cannot see NPM metrics in the Analysis/Reports/Dashboards (SRT, RTT, etc.).

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
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General requirements:

  • Both ways of communication need to be present on the same monitoring port on the Probe. It could be verified in the Analysis - List of flows by displaying the "Input interface" column. As a result, it is not possible to monitor NPM metrics with TAP.
  • TCP handshake has to be visible to compute RTT. It could be verified in the Analysis - List of flows by displaying the "TCP flags" column. 

Probe configuration:

  • Optional NPM IPFIX records have to be enabled on monitoring ports. Configuration Center - Monitoring Ports - Global settings - Advanced settings - NPM, Extended NPM.
  • If each way of the communication may be routed differently then it is necessary to disable "Add enabled L2 fields to the NetFlow identifiers" (Configuration Center - Monitoring Ports - Global settings - Advanced settings)
  • No NPM metrics (including delays and Jitter) are provided for flows with the following L7 extensions enabled: COAP, SMB, VOIP, DHCP, MYSQL, PGSQL, MSSQL. More details about it are present in the user guide.
  • Flow has to be exported to the collector as IPFIX. It is not possible to send NPM metrics as netflow v9 or other flow protocols. 

Collector configuration:

  • The collection of NPM metrics has to be enabled in Configuration Center - FMC Configuration - Flow Database Fields - Network Performance Metrics fields

If all of the above were checked and NPM metrics are still not visible then it is necessary to send us short traffic capture from Probe for analysis:

tcpdump -i <monitoring_port> -w /data/tmp/npm.pcap 'host <src_IP_address> and host <dst_IP_address>'

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