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LoadMaster dropping traffic from one specific VLAN





Users on a specific VLAN are unable to connect to a virtual service.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: any

Platform: any

Application: any

Question/Problem Description:

Users on one directly connected LoadMaster network cannot access a virtual service located on a different directly connected LoadMaster network.

Steps to Reproduce: Have a user on one directly connected network access a virtual service on a different directly connected network.
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Cause: The LoadMaster is routing return traffic out of the directly connected network as opposed to the virtual service network the client came in on, causing an asymmetric route
  • Enable "Use Default Route Only" within System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > Network Options > Use Default Route Only
  • Then set a default gateway on the virtual service that users are unable to connect to.
  • This will have the Virtual Service ignore the directly connected route and always use the default gateway that is set within the Virtual Service.
Workaround: Remove the directly connected network if it is not needed.

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