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Cannot download AS list from Flowmon collector




Issue: Redirection to the Overview page after attempting to download AS list

Product: Flowmon collector

Version: 11.1.9, 12.1.x

Platform: Hardware

Question/Problem Description:

In Flowmon Configuration Center, Autonomous System list can be downloaded in FCC - Autonomous Systems - Download. This might redirect user to the “Overview” section without prompting the download if it's attempted on a collector

Steps to Reproduce: Downloading AS list in "Flowmon Configuration Center - FMC Configuration - Autonomous Systems - Download" on a physical Flowmon collector (version at least 11.1.9)
Error Message: None
Defect Number: FLMON-2399
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: There is a condition in the code that assumes that AS lists are only being downloaded from Flowmon probes
Resolution: This is a known bug and it should be fixed in a future update.
Workaround: AS list could still be downloaded from a Flowmon probe or any virtual appliance

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