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How to create a VS





How to manually create a Virtual Service


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How do I create a Virtual Service?

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Cause: Directions for creating a service
  • To create a Virtual Service, navigate to Virtual Services > Add New. On the resulting screen, fill out the IP, port, and protocol (tcp/udp) the Virtual Service should listen on, then click Add this Virtual Service. Once clicked, expand Real Servers > Add New > add the IP and port the real servers should listen on, then click Add This Real Server.
  • Alternatively, you can use Templates to create commonly-deployed applications. To use the Template, navigate to our downloads page (below) to download your desired Template. Once downloaded, navigate to Virtual Services > Manage Templates > import your downloaded Template > Add New Template. Once imported, navigate to Virtual Services > Add New > select your desired Template. Note that the name and port are changed to what the Template is configured for.
  • You can create multiple Virtual Services with the same IP address, as long as they are on different ports.  

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