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Migrate configuration to a new Machine





Currently have LoadMaster HA Pair deployed in one environment but would like to switch to another platform.


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Have machines already in use but would like to migrate to a new set of LoadMasters.  Looking for guidance to make the transition.

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Recommended to perform any type of migration during a downtime/maintenance period, if possible. If downtime is an issue for you, we offer a replacement solution per our doc to ensure as little downtime as possible for end users you can find here.  The steps to replace the old VLMs would be as follows:

  • Take a Configuration/SSL Certificate backup of your current LMs. Steps on how to perform LM backups/restores can be found here:

How to create and restore a LoadMaster Configuration or Certificate Backup – Kemp Support (

  • Shut down your old VLM units.
  • Deploy and configure your new VLM units in VMWare with the relevant IP addressing, and get both units licensed (do not enter a purchase order number, simply license them as trial machines for the time being).
  • Pair your VLM units in HA mode, if applicable. 
  • From here you can restore the configuration backup, and SSL certificate backup (if applicable) to your Master unit via the the Shared address.
  • When performing the configuration restore, you will want to choose VS Configuration and either GEO or ESP SSO Configuration is those are applicable as well. we recommend you DO NOT restore the Base Configuration. This would be the ethernet interfaces and with the old units being a different model, this may not translate onto the new ones.
  • To ensure the configuration is synced over to its pair, go to System Configuration > HA Parameters > Force Update.

Once you have deployed and set up the new machines, support could transfer the licenses over for you.  To do this, we would just need the serial numbers of the old units as well as those of the new.

The download link for a VLM can be found below:

Free Load Balancer Trial - Download or order a Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer | Virtual | Hardware | Bare-metal | Cloud - Kemp (


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We need migrate our licenses from the following two Serial Number to the new ones noted below.

Move from 

Serial Number


Serial Number


To New Devices

Serial Number 1272773
Serial Number 1272772