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Flowmon OS monitoring with Prometheus and node-exporter





Guide how to configure monitoring of Flowmon OS with Docker image of node-exporter.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: 10.x and higher

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to monitor Flowmon OS with Prometheus and node-exporter?

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We have a custom script collecting the additional metrics that you might be interested in using a custom format, which is then processed by a tool like Grafana or any other system you might be using.

  1. Copy the script ( to /home/flowmon/perfmon/textfile_collector/
  2. Add execute right and add the script to cron
    • chmod +x /home/flowmon/perfmon/textfile_collector/
    • line="*/5 * * * * /home/flowmon/perfmon/textfile_collector/ > /dev/null 2>&1"
    • (crontab -l; echo "$line" ) | crontab -
  3. Create a new firewall rule in Configuration Center - Remote Access for TCP port 9100.
  4. Run the following commands
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl enable docker
sudo docker run -d --restart unless-stopped\
--net="host" \
--pid="host" \
-v "/:/host:ro,rslave" \
-v "/home/flowmon/perfmon/:/var/lib/node_exporter/textfile_collector:ro,rslave" \ \
--path.rootfs=/host \

When the Docker is started, the node-exporter is downloaded from

More information about Docker usage can be found in the Solution Maintenance Guide. 

More information about the monitoring of Flowmon OS can be found on our blog.


Solution Maintenance Guide
A blog post about monitoring


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