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Real server works direct over HTTP but not through virtual service





A real server is accessible directly over HTTP but is not handling traffic through a virtual service with offload and reencrypt enabled.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Why is my real server not serving traffic through the LoadMaster when it is working directly?

Steps to Reproduce: Have a web server handle port 80 HTTP traffic and have reencrypt enabled on a virtual service.
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Cause: Reencryption is causing traffic to be sent to the server over port 443 encrypted, not port 80 unencrypted.
Resolution: Turn off reencrypt within the virtual service > SSL Properties > uncheck Reencrypt.

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Jojo Pornebo

Our clock and browser functionality does not work properly while it was passing thru the Kemp LB rule with SSL Offload enabled. If the system was removed off from Kemp or without Kemp SSL Offloading the functionality works. We used the JBoss template provided by Kemp but have not changed anything granular inside of the rules properties as we do not understand what is going on as to why the functionality does not work. Please help. Call me at 916-813-9383. Jojo