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Chapter name is missing in the report





Chapter name is missing in the report.


Product: Flowmon

Version: any

Platform: any

Question/Problem Description:

One or more chapter names are missing on the chapter list in the PDF report from the Flowmon Monitoring Center.

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Go to FMC - reports - chapters

  • Create new chapter and fill in name in language X (cz)

  • Add this chapter to any report

  • Change GUI language to Y (en)

  • Go to FMC - reports and load updated report

  • Click button “export to PDF“ and open file

  • On first page, name of the chapter in chapter list is empty

Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-2733
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: If you create chapter and set its name only in one language, and then you try to create PDF export from GUI in another language, the name of the chapter on first page of the report (chapter list) is empty.
Resolution: In FOS 12.2.0 if given language is not filled, automatically will be displayed English, eventual the first one filled language.

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