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Cannot add a LoadMaster to a instance of Kemp 360 Central




Summary: Issues when adding a LoadMaster or LoadMaster High Availability (HA) pair to Kemp 360 Central.

Product: Kemp 360 Central

Version: 2.12

Platform: Any

Application: LoadMaster and LoadMaster HA Pair

Question/Problem Description:

When trying to add a LoadMaster or LoadMaster HA Pair to an instance of Kemp 360 Central the WUI displays a error message with a yellow warning icon.

A LoadMaster cannot be added to kemp 360 Central.

Steps to Reproduce:

Add a LoadMaster or Loadmaster HA Pair to Kemp 360 Central with the incorrect LoadMaster credentials.

Error Message:
April 30 00:00:00 k360 K360Debug[poll:200]: ERROR: Error connecting to device LMHA01 ( due to You do not have authorized access to 
Please check your credentials.



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When adding a LoadMaster or LoadMaster HA Pair to Kemp 360 Central and the wrong LoadMaster credential are provided you will get the above error as described.

You can use the Kemp 360 Central Debug Logs to verify the issue by going to:

Settings and Configuration --> Log Files --> Diagnostic Logs --> Debug Logs


When adding a LoadMaster to Kemp 360 Central ensure that you have the correct credentials for the LoadMaster that you wish to add.

If adding a High Availability Pair (HA) then ensure that both LoadMasters in the HA pair have the same password configured for the "bal" user account.

Notes: Kemp 360 Central - Feature Description


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