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Capping the max Gb per interface





Constantly reaching the max Mbps/Gb on the interface of the LoadMaster.


Product: LM

Version: Any

Platform: LM-X15

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description: 

Reading the eth2 (1Gig port) metrics properly and capping out the port. It is jumping up to 1107 Mbps.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number:  
Cause:  Utilizing the max amount of resources.

For the LM-X15, interfaces 0-15 can handle up to 1 GB.
If you are going over it may be best to make a change to which interface is handling traffic.
The LM-X15 has 4 10 Gb interfaces, 16-19.
If the interface is constantly reaching 1000 it may be best to make this change since this can cause latency on the network.

Interface bonding can also resolve this issue since it pools resources from all interfaces within the bond.


The link below provides additional information in regards to the LM-X15 specs:

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