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Unable to reach Web UI





Unable to access the Web User Interface (WUI) of the LoadMaster


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Unable to reach the management WUI, but am still able to connect to the console on the appliance.

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  • Verify if you are able to ping the management interface IP Address
  • The console gives the user the ability to restart web server access.
  • With this option you can disable or enable access to the LoadMaster WUI.  At times, it is needed to stop and the restart access to restore access
  • The user is also able to regenerate Web Server SSL Keys.  This option resets the SSL certificates for the WUI. In a HA environment, the certificates get reset for both the local and shared WUI. Therefore, this needs to be run on both LoadMasters in a HA pair (to remove the local certificate). The certificate on the shared WUI will be corrected on both machines after the first invocation.
  • To restart Web Server Access from the console, please go to:
    • 3 Local Administration
    • 4 Web Address
    • s Immediately Stop Web Server Access
    • r Regenerate Web Server SSL Keys
    • s Immediately Start Web Server Access
  • If this doesn't work, a user should also try accessing the Web UI from a device that is on the same subnet as the LoadMaster