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Uneven load balancing





LoadMaster is sending connections to a single server


Product: LoadMaster

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Question/Problem Description:

The LoadMaster is not evenly distributing connections between the Horizon View connection servers when using least connection as the scheduling method.

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Cause: In situation in which the amount of connection is considerably low and least connections is used as the persistence method, uneven load balancing can be experienced.

When the scheduling method is least connection, the LoadMaster will pick the server with the least active connections when a new request comes in. However, if both have zero active connections, the server with the lowest ID will serve the traffic. The IDs can be found on the first column under the Real Servers section (VIP > Modify > Real Servers)

Depending on the amount of clients connecting to this VIP, there is a chance that all will connect to the same server in a low load scenario.

To solve this, it is suggested to reset the VIP's persistence table again later today and set the scheduling method to Round Robin so traffic can be evenly distributed. This will cause the LoadMaster to distribute new connections in a Round Robin fashion.


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