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Data difference between the analysis and the report





If the same query is processed in the analysis at the same time interval as in the report, some data may differ. It applies to reports from Flowmon monitoring center (FMC) and also from Dashboard and Reprots (FMD).


Product: Flowmon

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Why data differ between analysis and report at the same time interval?

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Defect Number: FLMON-2860
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Reports are calculated by a different mechanism than queries in the analysis:
1. Reports are processed continously 15 minutes every hour into the database to optimize performance and accuracy.

2. Analysis uses an internal database of values detected from flow and is generated every 5 minutes or 30 seconds depending on the profile type.


1. Wait 15 minutes after end of the hour and check the results in analysis again.

2. Recompute all chapters for the last hour (Configuration Center -> FMC Configuration -> Reports -> Basic Settings). Then view your report again and compare the data for the same time interval of the query in the analysis.

The time required for the recalculation depends on the amount of data, the definition of the chapter and the complexity of the statistics. Also if you start the recalculation for the whole day, it can take tens of minutes, because recalculation deletes the original tables of values. Wait for all jobs in the queue to finish.


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