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Backup methods supported on the LoadMaster





Using a Snap shots of virtual LoadMaster (LM) as a backup method for the configuration is not supported and can cause disk corruption. Please use a different method for backing up the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM)


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

After restoring the snapshot of a Virtual LoadMaster disc corruption can be observed on the unit.

Steps to Reproduce: Restore a LoadMaster backup using a snapshot from the virtual environment such as a hypervisor.
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Snapshots of VLM is not supported, see the following link for more information:




Please use one of the following methods when attempting to create a backup of a LoadMaster.


Manual Backup

To create a manual backup file go to:

System configuration -> System Administration -> Backup/Restore -> Create Backup File


Manual backup of the certificates

Backup the certs under

Certificates & Security -> Backup/Restore certs -> Certificate backup

Put in a password for the certs and confirm it -> Create Backup file


Backup via API on web browser



Backup via powershell:

set-executionpolicy Unrestricted

Import-Module -Name c:\KEMP\powershell\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell.psd1 -Verbose

Import-Module -Name c:\KEMP\powershell\Kemp.LoadBalancer.Powershell.psm1 -Verbose


Initialize-LoadBalancer -Address <yourKempIP> -LBPort 443 -Credential "bal" -Verbose


Backup-LoadBalancer -Path c:\KEMP\backup.file


Github for KEMP  powershell:


Via KEMP 360 Central:

Deployment guide


or via automated backups on the device itself to FTP/SCP:


Note on LoadMaster API:

RESTful API – Kemp Support (

Note on LoadMaster Powershell:

PowerShell – Kemp Support (

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