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System Logs show UCARP warning message every second





This article covers an issue whereby the High Availability Pair (HA) is configured and working however the System Logs show UCARP warning message every second.


Product: LoadMaster 

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Warning-Message in System Logs of Kemp-High Availability Pair every Second

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: ucarp [WARNING] Bad digest - md2=[] md=[] - Check vhid, password and virtual IP address 
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This issue occurs when the configured HA Virtual ID is the same as the virtual ID of another device on the network.

Ensure the Virtual ID is unique for each HA pair on the network. When using multiple HA LoadMaster clusters (or other devices using CARP-like protocols) on the same network, this value uniquely identifies each cluster so that there are no potential unwanted interactions.


To view/change these settings navigate to System configuration --> HA Parameters --> HA Virtual ID

By default the LoadMaster selects a HA Virtual ID based on the shared IP address of the first configured interface (the last eight bits). This value can be changed (in the range 10 - 255) if this error is occurring and the configured Virtual ID is not shared with any other HA Pair or device on the network.


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