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How to add More CPU or Memory RAM to a VMware Virtual LoadMaster





This article covers the instructions on how to add more resources to a VMware virtual LoadMaster such as CPU and RAM


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: VMware

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to add more resources to the VMware virtual LoadMaster?

Is there any extra configuration within the LoadMaster after increasing the resources?

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More CPU and/or memory RAM can be added to the LoadMaster as per customer requirements and there is no need for any extra configuration in the LoadMaster after the CPU or RAM modification.

The procedure to add more CPU or RAM in the VMware virtual LoadMaster is identical to any other existing VMware virtual machine. In summary, this can be accomplished with two simple steps.

  • Shut down the virtual LoadMaster and increase the CPU and/or RAM via the VMware vCenter WUI. In the screenshot below the CPU was increased from 2 (default) to 3 and the RAM was increased from 2 GB (default) to 3GB. 


  • Once the resource(s) were modified, the virtual LoadMaster must be powered on. To verify the new values in the LoadMaster WUI, please navigate to Statistics -> Real Time Statistics (see screenshot below). 



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