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Configure LoadMaster High Availability in multiple physical sites





How to configure LoadMaster High Availability in multiple physical sites


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Customer wants to know the best way to setup a cross site redundancy solution. They currently have a GEO solution configured on a single site, but want to know how this can be split into two separate sites for load balancing. 

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  • Customer was interested in configuring redundancy across two data centers in different physical sites. Currently they only have a single HA pair of loadmasters residing in the same site.
  • The most common solution, and the one we would recommend in this case is to obtain a second HA pair of loadmasters for the other data center.
  • This would require one pair of HA LMs running in datacenter A, and another pair of HA LMs in datacenter B.
  • Then, you would pair both of these sites for GEO. This would give you redundancy across the two data centers.
  • See our GEO article which covers how to configure your loadmasters for a GEO load balancing solution.
  • Additionally, HA is not recommended or supported across data centers. You could choose to split up a single HA pair, Having one LM residing in datacenter A, and the other in datacenter B. This would however remove that same site redundancy that HA provides.



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