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How to Modify the LoadMaster Global Default Gateway to Another Network Interface





This article covers the instructions on how to modify the Global Default Gateway from the eth0 network interface to another network interface.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to modify the LoadMaster Global Default Gateway to another network interface rather than the eth0 interface? 

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Cause: The customer may have a requirement to use a default gateway in another interface instead of the eth0 interface.

If there is more than one interface configured in the LoadMaster, the customer may have the requirement to use another network interface as the global default gateway instead of the eth0 interface. 

To allow another interface to be used as the Default Gateway, the global option (Enabled Alternate GW support) needs to be enabled first, this option can be found under System Configuration -> Miscellaneous Options -> Network Options -> Enable Alternate GW support (see screenshot).

It is important to highlight that the Alternate default gateway support option is not permitted in a cloud LoadMaster version. 


After enabling this option, a new option called Use for Default Gateway will appear on all interfaces of the LoadMaster (see screenshot), and this can be seen under the System Configuration -> Network Setup -> Interfaces -> eth1, as an example. Note that this option will be greyed out if the interface is not configured with an IP address. 


Once this option has been selected as the new interface for the Default Gateway, the LoadMaster WUI will be automatically redirected (as of firmware version and greater) to configure a new Default Gateway IP Address for the new interface network range. On older firmware versions, you may lose WUI access if the appropriate routing to the new interface is not pre-configured on the network level.

Beware that local access (using a Client on the old interface's network range) may be required to connect to the LoadMaster WUI IP directly, with no need to be routed over a Gateway.

Alternatively, the customer may configure WUI access over multiple interfaces before the gateway changes. Please see this article Enabling WUI access from multiple interfaces for more information.


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