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HTTP Header Size Limitations





What limitation does the LoadMaster have in terms of HTTP header processing?


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Are there any limitations on header size that the Kemp LoadMaster can handle?

Steps to Reproduce:  
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Defect Number: PD-9820
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: To know if the LoadMaster is stripping out header content due to its length
  • If the LoadMaster doesn't have to do any processing of the header, then it can be of any length. This means if the virtual service type is Generic.  This configuration can be found in the basic properties section of the Virtual Service configuration.
    • servicetype.PNG
  • If the LoadMaster needs to do any processing on it (which means the virtual service type being HTTP/HTTPS), then the limit is 64K.
  • If the service type is HTTP/HTTPS, this limit cannot be increased.
  • If no HTTP(S) related features are being used, such as SSL acceleration, WAF, caching and compression, header modification, etc; could change the service Type to Generic which currently doesn't have any limitation on HTTP header sizes since the LoadMaster doesn't have to process them.

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