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ECP Login Loop





After inputting credentials to ECP Page, user is redirected back to the login and never gains access.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Exchange

Question/Problem Description:

Login Loop

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Cause: Missing Persistence 
  • With multiple Real Servers associated with the Virtual Service or subVS, try leaving only one enabled and testing again.  If the issue no longer happens, it points to the need for persistence (session stickiness).
  • This can be configured in the Virtual Service under the "Standard Options" section.  If this is in relation to a subVS, it must be applied on the subVS level instead of the parent service level.
  • persistence1.PNG
  • Without session stickiness, or persistence, client connections are hoping between the 2 servers rather than having the connection remain on the same Real Server.
  • Select a persistence method to fix the issue.  The options available can be found here.

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