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Monitoring port fail if SIP filtering is enabled





Monitoring port failed when Flowmon Packet Investagator - Probe (FPI) is installed and selected SIP filter processing.


Product: FPI

Version: FPI 12.0.1

Platform: Flowmon Probe

Question/Problem Description:

Why does the monitoring port fail when packet capture is enabled on the monitoring port?

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:

Monitoring port ethX failed.

Unable to accelerate packet processing on some ports.

Defect Number: FLMON-3157
Enhancement Number:  

If packet capture is enabled and SIP filtering is enabled, exporter may fail due to segmentation fault in SIP filter process.

Resolution: Fix will be included in one of the future versions.
Workaround: In Configuration Center -> Monitoring Ports -> Global settings -> Packet Capture -> Filtering criteria disable SIP value.

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