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Why is traffic appear to be coming from the Interface instead of the Virtual Service IP





Traffic being sent from the LoadMaster to the Real Server appears to come from the LoadMaster's management interface instead of the Virtual Service IP.  Can it be switched to the VIP?


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Can the LoadMaster use the VIP as the source for back end traffic instead of the Interface IP?

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Cause: Subnet Originating Requests was enabled on the Virtual Service
  • When Subnet Originating Requests(SOR) is enabled, the LoadMaster changes the originating IP address of the traffic. Normally, the traffic is seen being sent from the VS address. With SOR enabled, traffic is seen as being sent from the local interface address. This is needed in two-armed setups when SSL offloading is enabled.
  • Disable Subnet Originating Request.  This can be found in the "Standard Options" Section of the Virtual Service Configuration.
  • Currently, SOR does not work with non-local Real Servers. If non-local Real Servers are being used with SOR, the Real Servers see traffic as originating from the VS address.
  • A Packet capture can be taken from the LoadMaster to verify the network traffic is not being sourced from the VIP. 
  • By default, the health checks originate from the local interface that is associated with the LoadMaster. Subnet Originating Requests do not affect the source of the health check.

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