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Increase LoadMaster Disk Space





Increase Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) Disk Space


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application:  Any

Question/Problem Description:

Is there any guidance on how to expand the OS disk of the VLM? The disk is full with logs.  Wanted to keep the logs for more time instead of removing them.

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  • Storage for logging on the LoadMaster cannot be expanded, as there is no way to expand the log partition size of the VLM.
  • The best way to manage the extended log files would be to either save and then delete old log file entries, or to send the logs to an external syslog server instead of having local logging on the LoadMaster itself.
  • For more information regarding managing extended logs specifically on the LoadMaster, please visit:
    • This article will show how to delete old log entries, disable local logging, and setup an external syslog server for log management.

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