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How To Reset Bal Password for Kemp Hardware Unit





How to reset the Password of the Admin account bal for the Hardware 


Product: LoadMaster, ECS Connection Manager 

Version: All

Platform: Hardware Only

Application: N/A

Question/Problem Description:

If you have forgotten bal password or are unable to access the bal account for the console/WUI for a Kemp Hardware Unit.

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To Reset bal (Kemp root admin) Password for a Hardware Unit, please perform the following steps.

Note. Resetting the bal password requires direct console access or Physicals access to the Kemp Hardware unit. This cannot be performed using SSH. Direct console access Only.

  • Physically connect to the Kemp Hardware Unit by using/connecting console cable or by monitor & keyboard
  • Access the console login page and enter in the following commands:-
    • Username: pwreset
    • Password: 1pwresetmceclip6.png
  • A prompt will appear informing that bal account has been reset to default username and password. Please enter in the default username and password below- 
    • Username: bal
    • Password: 1fourall
  • The Kemp unit has been temporary set to the default password. Note. Rebooting or exiting this console session will set the bal password back to your original settings and not the default password (1fourall)
  • The Console Menu will appear. To set a new password for the bal account, please follow the steps- 
    • Under the Console Menu->Local Administrationmceclip0.png
    • Local Administration->Set Password           mceclip2.png
    • Enter current default 1fourall password 
    • Enter in the new password and second time to confirm           mceclip5.pngNote. The minimum password length is 8 characters.
  • The Bal Password has now been set to the newly created password and can now login to console or WUI using the new Password.

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