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Delete or Change Lets Encrypt Credentials or Account





Cannot Change or Delete Lets Encrypt Account


Product: Load Master

Version: any

Platform: any

Application: any

Question/Problem Description:

User has existing lets encrypt account on the LoadMaster (LM). There is a requirement to change the account or remove it.

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Cause: Once setup, the Lets Encrypt credentials cannot be changed by the user on the LM. The only way is to delete the entire configuration and start again.

Xroot to the LoadMaster.


Note: In order to get root access to the LM please contact the LoadMaster support team. Root access requires that a unique access code be generated by a support engineer to ensure secure root access to the unit.


Then delete the Let's Encrypt account and other associated files with it by removing all files from the _ACME directory

"rm -f /one4net/cfg/_ACME*"


Once complete refresh the page on the LM and verify that a new user account can now be added.


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