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Loadmaster WAF Blocking all Client Connections





WAF remote logging would cause the VS (virtual service) to become unresponsive.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: 7.2.56 or below

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

While using our Web Application Firewall (WAF) feature along with WAF remote logging, after a certain amount of time it would cause the system to crash and the virtual service to become unresponsive.

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Using WAF on a VS
  • Also have WAF remote logging configured and working
    • Web Application Firewall > Export Loggs
Error Message: wafd: XX: Hit connection limit 64000
Defect Number: LM-69
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: When a VS is configured with WAF enabled, there are two processes which are related to WAF, one for managing the traffic and performing the WAF capabilities (wafd) and one for handling the logging and passing that logging off to remote logging endpoints. (mlogc).  The pipe between wafd and mlogc would become saturated and cause failures.
Resolution: Resolved in firmware version 7.2.57

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