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Can a Kemp Self Signed Certificate for Virtual Service Expire





Can a Kemp Self Signed Certificate for Virtual Service Expire


Product: LoadMaster, ECS Connection Manager 

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: HTTPS Web Application

Question/Problem Description:

When enabling SSL Offloading/Re-encryption ton a Virtual Service, a Kemp self-signed certificate is assigned to the Virtual Service. When will this Kemp Kemp self-signed certificate expire? 

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Resolution: The Self Signed Certificate on the Kemp VS is issued for just over 14 years. The certificate can be re-issued/created by disabling and re-enabling SSL Acceleration. This will reset the expiry date to another 14 years from the date of issue.

Virtual Services -> View/Modify Services -> Modify -> SSL Options -> SSL Acceleration -> Disable SSL Offloading -> Enable SSL Offloading/Re-encryption

By performing this method, it will create a new Self Signed Certificate with a new 14 year expire date of the date of issue thus extending the Self Signed Certificate expiry date. 

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