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How to perform Offline licensing on LoadMaster if client PC does not have access to Internet





Can I use an internet accessible workstation to download the license key and import to LM? Since the current LM using in a secure datacenter, no internet access for all unauthorized devices.




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If my workstation accessing the kemp WUI has no internet connection, how do I perform a offline license update?

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  • You can perform the offline licensing method which KEMP do not need access to internet. Only your workstation accessing the kemp WUI will need internet access.
  • From the KEMP WUI, go to System configuration > system administration > license management > offline licensing > Copy the link from the Get license link.
  • Copy the link out from the LM, to your internet workstation. Get the offline license blob, save it to a text file.
  • Copy the license blob back into the kemp WUI.
  • Then license the kemp.

Alternatively, you can use the manual form to offline license the kemp here:


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