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Virtual service not working on L4, transparency and non-local real server





Created a service and have non-local real servers added. After enabling transparency and/or L4, the VIP doesnt work.




Platform: any

Application: HTTP web applications

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Steps to Reproduce:

Create a new VIP with L7.

Add a non-local real server

Enable Transparency and/or L4

VIP shows green on the view/modify service but unable to access the webpage

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The requirements for transparency are that the real server needs to point to the kemp interface IP as a default gateway.

The real server needs to be local to the kemp

Client cannot be on the same subnet as the real server

Even if transparency is disabled in the LoadMaster configuration, Layer 4 traffic is always transparent.

By default the loadmaster will not allow a non-local real server to be added to the VIP if transparency/L4 is enabled.

If you disabled transparency/L4, added the non-local server, then enabled transparency, there is no such check above.


Disable transparency and/or L4 on the VIP

Traffic to the VIP now works


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