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What is a Kemp identifier (Kemp ID)





What is a Kemp identifier (Kemp ID)


Product: LoadMaster, ECS Connection Manager 

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

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What is a Kemp identifier (Kemp ID)? What's it function? 

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Resolution: A Kemp ID is a customers email address that is registered with the Kemp Portal. The Kemp ID gives the customer the ability to perform a number of activities when accesses the kemp site. These include access to the Kemp Support Portal, download latest firmware version, deploy kemp 30-day VLM trial and to license a LoadMaster. A registered Kemp ID is required to license a Loadmaster unit. Each LoadMaster has a unique serial number, and that serial number is associated with a KEMP ID. That KEMP ID is technically the "owner" of that LoadMaster. 

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