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How to renew certificate for ECS S3 Service





How to renew certificate for ECS S3 Service


Product: ECS Connection Manger

Version: Any

Platform: any

Application: ECS S3

Question/Problem Description:

ECS S3 Certificate has expired, how do I renew and replace certificate for my kemp S3 Virtual Service. SSL offloading is enabled for the S3 Virtual Service, how do we replace the S3 certificate 

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When a S3 Certificate has expired, it will need to be renewed by a Certificate Authority (Digicert, GoDaddy, Etc). Once S3 has been renewed by a CA, please export the certificate into a .PEM/PFX format. Note, SSL offloading or Re-encryption will need to be enabled for a S3 Virtual Service in-order for the certificate to be imported and applied to that Virtual Service. 

To import a renewed certificate to S3 Service, please implement the following steps:

    1. In the main menu, select Certificates & Security > SSL Certificates
    2. Under Manage Certificates, Select > Import Certificatesmceclip1.png
    3. To install a certificate with a .PEM/PFX format
    4. Select > Certificate File & choose Certificate with .pem/.pfx file type.
    5. Ignore the Key File (optional) if the .pem/.pfx Certificate contains/includes the private key.
    6. If .pem/.pfx Certificate File does not contain the private key, please select > Key File (optional) & choose the private key created/linked to this .pem certificate. Note. The Key File format needs to be saved as a .key file type.
    7. Enter the password in the Pass Phrase field if there is a password assigned with this .pem/.pfx certificate when generated. 
    8. Select a name to identify your certificate on the Kemp WUI and enter the value into the Certificate Identifier field.mceclip1.png
    9. Select Save.PEM Certificate is now uploaded to the Kemp WUI
    10. Select Certificates & Security > SSL Certificates
    11. Identify the Certificate that was uploaded. 
    12. Select the Available VSs under Assignment that you want to assign the certificate to & select/move the Available VS to Assigned VS using the > Button. Once the Assigned VS has been selected with your certificate, select Save Changes.mceclip11.png
    13. The Virtual Service with SSL offloading or Re-encryption configured has now been applied with you new Renewed Certificate. Note. If you do not see your Virtual Service listed under Available VSs, the Virtual service in questions is not configured for SSL offloading or Re-encryption. 

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