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After migrating Kemp HA to new hypervisor environment, master/master scenario





Kemp got migrated to new vmware environment and gotten split brain scenario


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application: N/A

Question/Problem Description:

2 kemp LM were migrated to different vCenter environment.
A live vmotion migration was done across it.
Once migrated they were having split brain scenario, they rebooted both kemps but were still facing issues.
One Node was shutdown to stabilize situation.

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Customer did not ensure that the new environment had requirements in place with regards to virtual switch settings to allow proper HA operation with kemp loadmasters.


Configure the VMware distributed switch settings to allow forged transmits and mac address changes under security settings are properly configured on new environment.

Both Units Think That They_2.png

Ensure that MAC Address Changes and Forged Transmits are both selected. When they have been selected, reboot one of the LoadMasters.

Both Units Think That They_3.png

The units should now be able to communicate properly. The correct state should now appear in the HA status icons.