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"sshd: error: Refused by key options" log alerts on GEO partners





"sshd: error: Refused by key options" log alerts generated on GEO partners.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Continuously being notified about the following log error on all GEO LoadMaster partners:

sshd: error: Refused by key options

  1. Have found that these are occurring very randomly every day at random times in the Loadmaster's Warning Message File logs.

  2. Looking under Certificates & Security > Remote Access > GEO Settings, all partners' status are currently shown as up.

  3. There also are no reported instances of downtime, just these logs being generated randomly.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: sshd: error: Refused by key options
Defect Number: LM-1657
Enhancement Number:  
  • This log message is a general ssh message that just indicates that that an ssh connection has come in that has tried to match against a key on the LM but did not match. The message does not cause any disruption.
  • It can occur if something is trying to connect that has not been granted access, such as remote cluster/partner, or it can also occur if there are many devices configured that use ssh, and an incoming connection has to try and match against multiple keys until it finds a match.
  • We cannot prevent this error message completely currently as it doesn't come from our code.
  • Setting the global stickiness to 0 is a potential way to reduce the volume of the log. This value can be adjusted under Global Balancing > Miscellaneous Params > Stickiness.
  • One other possible option to reduce these logs would be to increase the health check interval that occurs from LoadMaster to GEO Clusters and Real Servers.
  • Under Global Balancing > Miscellaneous Params > Resource Check Parameters.




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