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Hello Guy, i am pretty new to using Kemp, but i have been able to use it comfortably. i opened up a port on the kemp load balancer but to my surprise the port is not reachable outside my network but within the Vnet i can reach the port.


Kindly help with this


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Hello Tobi,

When you say "opened up a port" are you referring to the port of the virtual service, or of the real server on the back-end?

If the real server health check over that port is failing, its possible the proper networking is not in place for the loadmaster to reach your server over that port, or the server is rejecting the health check request from the loadmaster.

In any case, for instances like this I would recommend the running of a TCP Dump to determine where the network communication breakdown may reside.

Instructions on how to run a TCP Dump on the loadmaster can be found in our article here

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