scan to mail problems


hi there, i'm having some problems with our multifunction devices.

if i scan a document with just a few pages there is no problem with it. but if the document is about e.g. 80 pages there is no mail arriving.

searching the exchange server logs shows me that a one-page document is arriving in the inbox, but a 80-page document is NOT arriving.

so i think there is only the kemp LB in between having a problem (maybe a timeout?)

construct: multifunction device -> kemp LB -> exchange


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Barry Gleeson

Without Traces it is difficult to determine where the issue is occurring.

One thing we do commonly see when SMTP traffic is put through the Loadmaster (depending on if Transparency is set) the Source IP of Traffic may be different when it hits the exchange server. If you currently have a specific profile to match this multifunction device, the profile may no longer be matched.

This could result in a change in behavior. For example, you may have the multifunction device IP listed as being allowed send files greater than the typical maximum email size for other SMTP originators. However, this profile may not be applied to the Loadmaster IP from which these requests are now be coming.

Alternatively, depending on network speeds there could be connection timeouts. The "Enable Connection Timeout Diagnostics" in Network Options can be used to log these type of events in the System Log files and may provide some information, (Bear in mind these may generate  a lot of logs so should be disabled after tests)