API/Port balancing on a single host


I have an in-housed developed application, which has some performance issues. The app is single-threaded, listens on a TCP port for a API call, and once receives it, starts executing it. While the app is executing a call, all following requests have to wait. To address this, I can fire up a bunch of these applications, all on different (but predetermined) ports and have a load balancer round-robin incoming connections. Basically, load balance to a number of TCP ports on a single host... Is this something VLM can do? 
Thank you,    Paul



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Tony Vaughan


you would have two options for this.
1. add the same real server multiple times on different ports

for example
RS 1
RS 2
RS 3

its still the same physical real server but different logical ports

2. depending on the virtual service settings you can use extra ports or set a wildcard port

please see these links for details

there are some conditions such as not being able to SSL offload and Re-encrypt with extra ports enabled