Web Virtual Service become unavailable when real server IIS ASP.Net impersonation is enable


I am holding an ASP website and is using HTTPS protocol to access the webpage. the webpage is via through kemp load balancer web virtual service. Currently I have an issue is when I enable ASP.net impersonation at the real server IIS manager, my web virtual service become unavailable and my website is inaccessible. However when I disable the ASP.net impersonation from the real server IIS manager, the web virtual service become available again and I can access my webpage. Due to requirement, I need to enable the ASP.net impersonation in order for my website function.

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem?


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Mark Deegan


Have you tried to get to the website directly to the IIS server after you enable the ASP impersonation? I think this might have to do with permissions in IIS as opposed to the LM.

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