Domain name and Netbios name



were busy implementing a test kemp lb to see if it can replace our TMG server.  at present all our users phones connect using the domain name "" in their email profile.  that works great on the phones via the TMG.

when i switch the dns to the Kemp i'm getting access denied.

if i update the domain name on the phone to "domain_local" which is our netbios name it connects fine, alas its not so easy to change that on all the phones out there.

the logs show the kemp always has\username when it fails or domain_local\username when it works

is there a way to get the Kemp to recognize these are the same domain and translate the to domain_local or indeed to append to the end of the username.


any help appreciated.

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Mark Deegan

Hello Graham,

You can change the logon format under the SSO manager to username, principal name or not specified. if you choose not specified this will try all iterations of the domain and user.