Basic 2 arm setup

 Hello there,
I'm trying to get the free loadmaster working for a few tests, and I'm struggling with it.
My network setup looks like this:
- KEMP has 2 NICs
     - - network side
     - 172.16.125/24 - farm side
- Default Gateway:
- One machine is located on the network and has a static route to network with the gateway being
The other machine is located in the network and has a static route to
I can reach both machines and the internet form the LoadMaster.
I can reach both LoadMaster IPs from both machines.
However, the machines cannot ping each other, and the machine in the network cannot reach the internet
I did not set up any vserver yet, as I want to be able to have routing in place first.
Am I forgetting something here?
Global Load Balancing is disabled, and I also tried to disable server nat.
I'm glad for any advice.


Mark Deegan

Hello Sebastian,

The real servers will use the LM as the gateway and the Virtual Service will allow the routing. if the real server is not "known" by the LM it will not allow itself to be used for routing. therefore you will need to create a virtual service first and add the real servers to the virtual service and then you will be able to route fr those servers. You might also require the use of "Use default Gateway Only" setting in the "System Configuration ==> Miscellaneous options ==> network Options" area and add a default gateway to a service in the 172.x.x.x network. 




Thank you so much, it's working now. I've spent hours for his :)