Exchange 2016 SMTP inbound/outbound to 3rd party Spam Filter


I have installed and followed all of your templates to setup exchange 2016 via a VLM-5000. (Firmware

I followed the guide on setting up the SMTP template for Exchange 2016, I have added the real servers, but I am a bit lost.

How do I do the following:

  • Exchange 2016 - Does the send/receive connectors point to the load balancer via smart hosts?
  • How do I add the DNS entries/IP ranges for the load balancer to send outbound mail to the spam filter (Mimecast) for inbound/outbound SMTP traffic

Appreciate any help with this.




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Mark Deegan


The LM Virtual services are for reverse proxy (i.e. incoming connections) rather than outbound connections. Your outbound connections will send normally through your usual send connectors and your gateway and not through the LM usually.




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