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This perhaps doesn't necessarily apply to the Free Load Balancer, but its currently what I have in use. Below is a diagram and description of what I am trying to achieve and hoping someone could assist with some guidance in whatever means, technology, configuration or balancer type I need to achieve the following:

I have two virtual load balancers as shown above inside VMWare, where I have used DNS delegation to resolve the name guestaccess.domain.co.uk via a local network device, this works fine, in that the PC shown in the bottom left will resolve this to either or (web server at top of diagram). The problem occurs when I have a wireless device (shown in bottom right) that basically tunnels its connection to an external network (shown in red lines) via an Extreme Networks wireless controller, its not then able to resolve the name because the request is on this network as opposed to the internal network shown in green.

When the wireless device connects to the external network its able to ping both the Eth1 interfaces of both the load balancers ( & 202) that are attached to this network. The wireless devices have their DNS servers configured to the same interface ( & 202) as the Eth1 interfaces on the load balancers, but that is as far as I can get as to knowing what to do next.

  • So I either need to configured the Eth1 interfaces to locally resolve the name guestaccess@domain.co.uk (or whatever domain we choose), and then forward further requests to say Google ( or
  • Be able to pass all DNS requests onto the internal DNS server to resolve or
  • Have a means of resolving names via the internet but delegating just that FQDN to the Kemp Loadbalancers.

The last option is the preferred because the Kemp Load Balancers only then need to resolve requests for the one FQDN, and not all DNS queries.

Thanks in advance for any help and look forward to your comments.


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Tony Vaughan


looking over your options,
for option 3, the LM-GEO can be used which would only handle DNS records that have been delegated to it,

more details on the LM-GEO can be found here