Understanding rules / Content matching for a very basic reverse proxy


Good afternoon all, and apologies for prefacing this - but i'm out of my comfort zone with this, so struggling to understand what i'm needing to do.

Essentially our DC's are being blocked on a nearby network we use. Which in turn has blocked access to our intranet. So i'm trying to seyup a reverse proxy in an unblocked network (That has full access) - and can throw the content back).

So.... Usual URL example: staff.website.com
Lets say the staff website host is (It's not but easier to use a basic example!)

the reverse proxy address is: (again its not, but assume this works :P)

I have the REAL server setup - and it works, i can load up the staff website by visiting: for example.

However whenever i click any links etc, it just tries going to staff.website.com/address - rather then


Does that make sense?

I assume it is content matching needed, (have tried header host replacing etc... but just getting muddled)

Any help would be greatfuly appreciated!


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Andres Garcia de Alba

Hello Greg,

It sounds like a hostname resolution issue (DNS).  When you click on links, you are trying to directly access the sub net.

To verify, modify your host file and point staff.website.com ->